A great fundraiser for Az VFW Charities was held by VFW District # 3 White Tanks VFW riders.  pictured – District 3 Commander Jeffery Eiler, also a White Tank Rider, is presenting their donation to State Sr-Vice Commander Greg Kozakiewicz and Charities Treasurer Leonard “Ski” Kuczynski.  Another great example of our Arizona VFW Veterans’ dedication to helping our veterans and their families here in Arizona.  DSC_0068

69th Anniversary Iwo Jima Flag Raising in Sacaton, Az

Arizona VFW Charities will be attending the 69th Anniversary Iwo Jima Flag Raising in Sacaton, Az this coming February 22nd. We’ll be traveling with the Military Order of the Purple Heart truck in the parade at 8:30. We’ll be handing out informational tri-folds, at the ceremonies after.. Please look us up – we be glad to see you and answer any questions you may have on what we are doing to help Arizona Vets.

Become a Sponsor or Donate Items for Auction

We greatly appreciate the support of our sponsors over the years. In 2014, we look forward  to continuing our mission and without the support of your organization, volunteers, and time this would not be possible. We are anxiously looking forward to even greater success this year, and if you would like to BECOME A SPONSOR, let us know. In addition, there will be several great items that will be auctioned off on the website throughout the year. If you or your business would like to donate any items for our Auction Fundraising it would be greatly appreciated.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the Arizona VFW Charities.

Thank you for your continued support.

Swiss Line camouflage watch set – Auction Item # 12




This is a chance to  have your very own Swiss Line Army camouflage watch set. This includes a watch with compass, a LED flashlight, knife with many blades and a pen. This set is I have to have.  Very high quality and use able set.





Arizona VFW Charities helps homeless vet with home

Charities House3Charities House4

Veterans Day 2012 turned out to be a day that desert Storm veteran Rodney Nix will always remember. It marked his settling into a mobile home in a nice park on the Apache Trail in Apache Junction, Az.  This mobile home fully furnished and landscaped was donated to Arizona VFW Charities by Norma and Gary Tomlinson, targeting a homeless vet if at all possible.   Through the efforts of Az. VFW Charities and VFW Post 7968 out of Apache Junction homeless veterans committee chairman Frank Page a vet that fit was found.  Mr. Nix, a U.S. Navy and Air Force Veteran had been homeless for quite awhile.  Sleeping and living accommodations being very shaky living out of a hangar and elsewhere.  His situation came to our attention through another agency and Mr. Page starting the engineered the logistics to make it all work smoothly for Mr. Nix. “It all just jelled” said Mr. Page.  Page related that the Tomlinson’s, members of a VFW Post, came to him offering to donate their mobile home saying they wanted it to go to a homeless vet, if possible.   Informing them there is now a non-for-profit foundation, “Az. VFW Charities” within the state VFW that can accept such donations, allowing donors a tax deduction. “This is a prime example of our motto”, “VETS HELPING VETS” emphasized Page.    (pictured above)    The key to his new home is presented to veteran Rodney Nix (second from right) by Norma and Gary Tomlinson as VFW Post and Charities representative Frank Page looks on.  This home was fully furnished and landscaped  and ready to move into.


Arizona VFW Charities History Update

As time moves forward, so  does Arizona VFW Charities.. Knowing the fact that it takes a minimum of five year s for a charities organization to be totally recognized , charities is doing great.  With being a 501 (c) 3 donations have ben coming into charities in different means.  Besides monitory donations, we have had two park model homes donated to us.  We were able to place two homeless in the ready to live in home. Charities received a vacant lot donated to us, which we sold for a profit in a very quick turn around – money in the bank. Charities was donated two cemetery plots in the Tucson area – they still have them just in case they be needed some time.  VFW Posts in Arizona held dog tags across Arizona fundraiser and raised  over a $1,000.00  As you can see Arizona VFW Charities is willing to do just about thing and work on any type of donation it can to make sure we have the funds needed to help our veterans in Arizona.  When funds are available and veterans are in need we’re here to assist if possible.  With the funds we have we were able to assist veterans in New Mexico with fire relief, Sandy storm relief, Oklahoma tornado relief and Colorado flood relief.  This isn’t counting all the individuals veterans and families we assisted here in Arizona.

Arizona VFW Charities is off to a great start, with more and more support and sponsors.  It’ll be able to assist more and more veterans in need. Check out donation form page to donate and make your tax deductible donation or call 1-480-941-5258 if you have something else you would like to donate.