With so many opportunities to donate, it sometimes makes it difficult to know what donation organization suites your ideology. There are literally thousands of different charities and organizations out there that help our veterans. Unlike many organizations out there, the VFW is one of the few that gives nearly all of their funding back to their veterans and communities. Understanding non-profit, not for profit and donation organization can be a bit overwhelming. Some of the top donation organizations in the world are only donating 2% or less of their earnings directly to the people in need. Here at Arizona VFW Charities we hope that our donations and auctions are a great success and provide help and services to as many veterans and their families as possible.

These three categories cover most of the charities donation areas but not all.  With our mission we are here to assist and if there is a need — we’ll listen.  There’s a board of directors that governs the funds. Each and every case is handled separately and a decision made on it’s own merits.

Here is where Arizona VFW Charities Distributes it’s donations


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