It was a great day – it was a great ride – it was a great time by all.!!!!  SSGT Matthew Dennison Memorial ride was a huge success.  The committee in charge were squared away and did a outstanding job.  Everyone participating had a terrific time and a day they’ll remember for all the fun.  At the end of the day they raised over $ 2,000.00 for Az VFW Charities and AZ Homeless Vets program — With dedication and compassion shown at this fundraiser is only another great example of Arizonian’s caring about their Veterans and families..   Thank you for all your hard work, generosity and caring..

Your the best!!!  from AZ VFW Charities and Homeless Vets program…

Why LIKE, Share, Pin, Plus, Tweet and undestanding the Impact

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Please take a moment and read the following. Understanding the web can be a little confusing. Power in numbers is the name of the game. The bottom line is, search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google among a few, love when websites are shared via social networks. In order to make Arizona VFW Charities powerful we need you to share our posts and website. The average FB user has 250 friends, if ten people like or share the posting it has the potential to reach 65,000 people. Help our cause and share with your friends. In addition, if you own or have a website please add LINK to our website, all of your support is greatly appreciated and critical to our success.