Tracing the VFW Origins


Three Become One

The VFW traces its origins to veterans of Cuba and the Philippines who formed separate groups in Ohio, Colorado And Pennsylvania. They all had similar goals and were all formed at the turn of the century. Because of their common purpose they untied and formed what is now the VFW. Combining the three original sections of the VFW, these entities went through 14 names changes before naming on August 4th 1914 the “Veterans of Foreign Wars”.

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Facts About Arizona VFW Charities



  1. Started working and researching this idea for over and a half
  2. got a group of state VFW officers – presentation was made and given the go ahead to pursue
  3. Wrote Articles of incorporation – filed and approved no August 25, 2011 – file # 16996440
  4. Filed and applied for EIN # – received August 9, 2011 # 45-2946403
  5. Ran Article of incorporation in newspaper published Sept.23,28,% 30, 2011
  6. VFW Post Men’s Auxiliary donated $ 800.00 for any expenses we may occur during all filing process – no VFW department money involved
  7. Filed form 1023 with IRS to get our 501(c) approval. on December 22, 2011 received our 501 (c) 3 letter stating we were determined to be exempt under public charity section 170
  8. had open meeting nominations and directors were elected – all directors/Officers signed conflict of interest policy


  1. To help our veterans and families here in Arizona on a larger scale then a VFW Post relief fund
  2. Promoting our programs to advise and assist veterans with respect to employment, training and education
  3. Aiding with unique or special needs of a veteran and their family resulting from their time in military service- active duty and reserve military personnel and other issues relating to veterans
  4. Be able to adjust and be ready to help veterans and their families in very special unpreventable or unforeseen event occurs – fire, flood, accidents


  1. With being a 501(c)3 directors will be applying for any and all possible type grants are which eligible
  2. be able to take larger tax write off donations from corporations
  3. be able to  accept different types of donations – houses, property – personal
  4. be able to have individuals VFW Posts through the state donate or do fundraiser


  1. Requests can be made by anyone.
  2. Requests can come through post’s and or post’s service officers
  3. All requests have to be on simple grant request form and mailed.fax, emailed with any supporting evidence to Az VFW charities treasurer
  4. Form and be requested by phone 1(480 )941-5258 – copy on website  – arizona vfw charities. – copy on tri-fold handout – or from any VFW Post.
  5. Request information/supporting papers  (if time is important) will be emailed to all voting Officers/Board of Directors to look over – they have questions but when voting is completed majority carries.- the final result yes or no will relayed on to requester
  6. Money will be given to vendors when ever possible – example for help with rent – money will go to landlord or help with power bill money will be sent to power company
  7. Az VFW Charities makes their own determination – the department of Arizona VFW has nothing in the final decision.


  1. any and all donations to charities stays with charities – not VFW Department of Arizona
  2. donations can be made by mail  – (same address Thomas road)
  3. donation form on website (arizona vfw charities)
  4. A thank you letter will to sent to you to acknowledge your donations
  5. Charities personnel does not and will not put a value on your donation item
  6. Any questions – call 1 (480) 941-5258


  1. As the funds come in – donations can be made at any time when needed – there is no time requirements
  2. Charities works with and along side but the VFW Department of Arizona but both are separate entities and have the own checking accounts and officers/directors
  3. Charities doesn’t replace a local post relief fund.. Local post should always operate as normal for their relief fund rules
  4. All grant requests information is keep confidential for voting Officers/Directors only
  5. none of the officers/directors or anyone else with this organization in on salary. everyone is a volunteer so, all the moneys can go the assist our veterans

Arizona VFW Charities History Update

As time moves forward, so  does Arizona VFW Charities.. Knowing the fact that it takes a minimum of five year s for a charities organization to be totally recognized , charities is doing great.  With being a 501 (c) 3 donations have ben coming into charities in different means.  Besides monitory donations, we have had two park model homes donated to us.  We were able to place two homeless in the ready to live in home. Charities received a vacant lot donated to us, which we sold for a profit in a very quick turn around – money in the bank. Charities was donated two cemetery plots in the Tucson area – they still have them just in case they be needed some time.  VFW Posts in Arizona held dog tags across Arizona fundraiser and raised  over a $1,000.00  As you can see Arizona VFW Charities is willing to do just about thing and work on any type of donation it can to make sure we have the funds needed to help our veterans in Arizona.  When funds are available and veterans are in need we’re here to assist if possible.  With the funds we have we were able to assist veterans in New Mexico with fire relief, Sandy storm relief, Oklahoma tornado relief and Colorado flood relief.  This isn’t counting all the individuals veterans and families we assisted here in Arizona.

Arizona VFW Charities is off to a great start, with more and more support and sponsors.  It’ll be able to assist more and more veterans in need. Check out donation form page to donate and make your tax deductible donation or call 1-480-941-5258 if you have something else you would like to donate.

Forming the Arizona VFW Charities Foundation

One small step for the Department of Arizona VFW

One giant step for the Veterans and their families in need of Arizona

Through the hard work and dedication of a few individuals we were able to form our own state VFW Charities (foundation) organization for the department of Arizona VFW, ahead of schedule.  This year the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Arizona officially formed on August 25, 2011 their non-for-profit 501 (C) 3  Arizona Veterans of Foreign Wars Charities Corporation and officially endorsed by our Council of administration on November 20, 2011.  This corporation was formed to enable us (VFW) to better and faster assist disabled or needy veterans and their families; to be able to promote programs that focus public attention upon and educate the public concerning the scarifies made by America’s Veterans; the unique and special needs of veterans and their families resulting from their military service experience(s); the needs of active duty and reserve military personnel and their families and other issues relating to veterans. Promoting programs that advise and assist veterans with respect to employment, training and education and much much more and we’ll be reporting updates as issues and events come up.

Arizona VFW charities (as it has become known by) is something that has been needed for helping veterans and their families in Arizona for a very long time.   Being a 501 (c) 3 organization helps the Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Arizona to help veterans in many more ways, then before  But this wouldn’t have come about if it wasn’t for a few individuals with fore thought and vision.  With the outstanding support and generous donation (for all the legal & filing fees) from the Men’s Auxiliary of VFW Post 7968, we never would have been able to take that  first step.  Then acquiring the assistance from a great VFW member with expertise in tax and corporate law we were able to filed all the proper paperwork – the Article of Incorporation, By- Laws and more. With everything being done we began total incorporated in September 2011.

With all the legal and incorporating now behind us we could start on fundraising and hit the publicity trail to let our veterans know we now here and real.  Letting them know now there’s many different ways to donate to charities and being a tax deduction.   On the side of the coin let them know that as the donations come in – it’ll be there to assist as many veterans and their families in need as possible.