These guidelines are set up to not make our auction fair and fun for everyone but also to make sure there’s as much privacy as possible

When entering our auction you will be able to view all auction items or just the one you want to bid on and will be able to follow the bidding daily.

  • Follow bid instructions on auction item page
  • Make sure bids follow the increment amount stated on each item
  • Always double check biding deadlines – bidding dates, lengths, times can change with different items but once these are assigned they will not change
  • If your bid is the winning bid the item is yours.  An individual ONLY from Az VFW Charities will contact you directly for confirmation of your winning bid.  (main reason for email address or phone number)  This is being done for privacy and security of your personal information
  • All winning bid amounts will be paid to Az VFW Charities.  All checks should be made out to Arizona VFW Charities and mailed to the Scottsdale office. Paying by credit card or pal pay will be added at a later date.
  • As winning bidder – You will be contacted by an individual from charities to make the proper delivery or pick up arrangements for you to receive your item.  This will ensure you receive your item the quickest and most economical way possible.  If any shipping fees occur, it’s the bidder’s responsibility.

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