due to a long list of great REASONS and popular request: We have moved the bid close dates up of 5 super items on our Charities auction !!!


AUCTION ITEM # 3 — Heineken mirror

AUCTION ITEM # 5 — Outdoor camping set

AUCTION ITEM # 7 — HP Deskjet Printer

AUCTION ITEM # 9 – Coors Neon Light sign

AUCTION ITEM # 16 – Pfister Showerhead & Faucet

All these great items last bid dates have been moved up to APRIL 15, 2014 at midnight.  Make sure to check your bid placed on these items and if you haven’t placed your bid as of today or even thinking about a bid – NOW IS THE TIME to get in the game.   If you haven’t seen these great items – and all the others —  just visit our AZVFW Charities AUCTION PAGE on our website. We’ll remind everyone a couple more times but let’s get them bids in. !!!!   Getting a great gift and helping a vet – always a win-win…

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